Mtskheta- Kutaisi -
Описание тура

Day I:

Departure to the ancient, historic capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, which is included into the list of UNESCO World Culture Heritages.

You can visit the following sights during the tour:

  • The Jvari Monastery (VI Century architecturally refined temple, matching the surrounding nature. From here the great panoramic view opens over the river gorge of the Mtkvari and the town of Mtkheta).
  • The Armazi Castle (the ancient settlement, the oldest layers of which are dated back to the IV – III centuries B. C. There are the Romanian baths and the church, belonging to the antique period, there stood the pagan idol, with the residential halls, ancient cellar and the რუინს of other buildings)
  • Svetitskhoveli (the great complex of the cross dome church, where the greatest sacred objects for the whole Christian world are buried – the Lord’s tunic and the cloak of the profit Eliah).

Lunch and departure to Kutaisi, arrival to Kutaisi.

Visiting the Bagrati Church:

  • Bagrati (the XI century large – scale church, which is currently damaged; this church is included into the list of UNESCO World Culture Heritages);

Dinner and overnight.


Day II:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure towards Sataplia, visiting the following objects:


  • Following the trace of Dinosaur towards the cave (Sataplia is included into the list of reserved territories of Georgia. The dinosaur trace is preserved in the most beautiful karstic cave);

Back to Kutaisi; Lunch.

  • Prometheus’ cave (karstic underground formations on the surface are represented as a unity of complex here, with the most beautiful rivers and diversified natural landscapes of the local underground world);

Back to Tbilisi.



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