Kakheti -
Описание тура

Day I:

This region of Georgia is particularly famous for vine yards and wine making; in the evening you will become a part of wine sampling in the Georgian cellar and taste the best of the Georgian wines;

Departure to the Gareji Monastery


  • Davit’s Lavra (the cave monastery complex, founded in the VI century by one of the Assyrian fathers - David Garejeli. The remains of the monastery consists of few churches and caves, intended for special purposes)
  • The desert monastery complex (another ancient monastery settlement in Gareji with the decorated church).

Departure towards the town - Sighnaghi; lunch.

  • Sighnaghi (one of the most beautiful towns of Kakheti region, with historic monuments and houses with balconies. Walking along the tourist path, you will visit the districts of the town, the King Erekle’s fence  and other sights);
  • Exhibitions and museums (Sighnaghi is the mother town of the famous painter Niko Pirosmani. The city museum is rich in expositions, among which there are the paintings by Niko Pirosmani).

Overnight stay in Sighnaghi.



Day II:

Breakfast at the hotel.


  • The Alaverdi Architectural Complex (the monastery was founded by another Assyrian Father – Ioseb Alaverdeli. The contemporary church is dated with XI century. The Alaverdi Complex includes the XI Century cross-dome church, the Royal pavilion, wine cellar and other buildings, intended for special purposes; it is surrounded with the great stony wall).


  • The Nekresi ancient settlement and the monastery complex (from the monastery, founded by the Assyrian Father - Abibo Nekreseli, only few churches and various monastery buildings have remained).
  • Gremi (the ancient castle town - fortress with the domed church and various architectural buildings);

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