3 days in Khevsureti -
Feel the breathtaking beauty of the Greater Caucasus on Hiking, the Mountains of Khevsureti, in Northern Georgia.
Описание тура

Type of the tour: Hiking/ Adventure/

Duration: 3 days/ 2 nights


Price includes:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation (guest houses)
  • FB
  • Tour guide
  • Touristic Insurance


Day I

  • 07:00- Departure towards Khevsureti. Arrival in the village Barisakho
  • Ethnographic museum of the village Korsha;
  • Lunch
  • Continuing the rout towards the Shatili, across the Datvisjvari mountain range (2600m above the sea)
  • On the way, you can visit the following sights:
  • The Lebaiskari Tower (the towers with the pyramid roofing, characteristic to this part of Caucasus only)
  • The ancient settlement of Kistani;
  • Arrival at the castle – village of Shatili; Lunch and overnight stay at the local guesthouse, arranged in the medieval tower with a balcony.
  • Shatili- (a village, located over the rocky area, consisted of approximately 50 towers. The combination of towers ensemble with balconies against the natural background in synthesis creates the marvelous view for the visitors. There are many interesting legends and stories about this village);
  • Lunch and a walking tour around the village.
  • Dinner and overnight stay in Shatili.

Day II:

 Breakfast at the hotel.

 Departure towards the village Mutso

  • Mutso (the medieval castle)– village, built on the rocks, consisted of towers and buildings, divided into areas.
  • The general view of the village is so impressive, that it makes you feel as a part of the local legends.
  • On the way to Shatili, visiting the tomb of Anatori; there are many interesting stories and legends, connected with this tomb.
  • Dinner and overnight stay.

Day III:

  • Breakfast at the hotel. Departure towards the village Roshka.
  • From the village Roshka tracking along the path from massive Rockies to the Abudelauri lakes.
  • During the tour, you will visit the following sights (the unity of Caucasus attractive mountain tops, with enjoyable impressive view; the gorge leads to the bottom of the Rockies).
  • The Abudelauri lakes (visiting the three most beautiful lakes of the Alpine zone, situated close to each other, with different colouring – green, sky-blue and white (milky); the lakes are at the bottom of the Rockies, creating the most beautiful view in unity.
  • Picnic in the open air;
  • Back to Roshka; Back to Tbilisi.



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