Wine tour from Tbilisi to Batumi -
Wine lovers have a lot to thank Georgia for. It is widely believed that this is where wine production first began, over 7000 years ago. In fact, our word “wine” is derived from “gvino” – the Georgian word for wine. Archaeological remains suggest that as early as 4000 BC grape juice was being placed in underground clay jars, or quevri (also known as kvevri), to ferment during the winter
Описание тура

1st day - Meeting at the Tbilisi airport. Transfer to the hotel. Recreation.

2nd day - Walking tour of Tbilisi with a guide with a visit to Narikala fortress complex, famous Tbilisi sulfur baths, old districts of Tbilisi. A visit to the factory of sparkling wines "Bagrationi 1882", which was founded in Tbilisi in 1937. It is the leading enterprise for the production of sparkling wine in Georgia. Plant name comes from the name of a noble Georgian Prince Ivan Bagration of Mukhrani, which began in the middle of the XIX century the release of sparkling wines in bottles. The international recognition of its products have received in 1882, he won the highest award at an international exhibition in St. Petersburg. Wine degustation. Return to the hotel.

3rd day - Excursion to the oldest Georgian winery Tsinandali, Chavchavadze family estate of the princes and the city of Sighnaghi, Georgia pride today. The program includes: a magnificent view of the Alazani valley, wine tasting! Lunch in a cellar under the Kakheti excursions, master classes on cooking chuchhely and Georgian bread. (For the add. Fee) Transfer to Tbilisi.

4th day - Breakfast. Breakfast. Excursion to Mtskheta - ancient capital of Georgia, and in the historical complex of Uplistsikhe - the cave city of IV century BC Lunch within excursions * (extra charge). Visit "Chateau Mukhrani" - the only estate that combines vineyards, the winery, the palace and the history. Start of production of Mukhrani wines put Ivane Bagration-Mukhrani. In 1872, Prince specifically went to France to learn all the subtleties of wine production in the traditional chateau, and since then begins the chronicle of winemaking at Chateau Mukhrani. Hence originates the story of wine "Chateau Mukhrani". Thus, in 1873 it has been created only in the former Soviet space currently chateau - Chateau Mukhrani, and today an ambitious project for the reconstruction of the unique historical complex of the princely family of Bagrationi almost completed. Wine degustation. Visit wine tunnel Hareb - in Kvareli district of Kakheti, in a rocky mountain slope of Caucasus in the late 50s of the last century has been cut through the tunnel, which originally had a military purpose, but with the development of military technology gradually lost its meaning as a fortification and was used as a unique repository the best wines Kakheti. Throughout the year, the natural temperature inside the tunnel is 12-14C, which creates ideal conditions for storing and aging wine.

The two main tunnel and thirteen connecting tunnels, each of which is 500 meters long. Their total length is 7.7 kilometers. At the tunnel, two entrances, each of which has its purpose: the first input is for tourists, and the second has industrial importance because it is used for storing and holding a large amount of wine. Here is a wine warehouse of the company "Hareb Winery", which holds about 25 thousand bottles of the best wines of this producer. Moving to Kutaisi.

5th day - Breakfast. Excursion in Kutaisi, visit Gelati Monastery, a visit to an underground cave, where they were found stalactites, stalagmites, became agnates - Cave of Prometheus. Moving to AMBRALAURI. Excursion to the village KHVANCHKARA - dry climate and a significant temperature difference between day and night in these places allow the grapes to ripen until late fall, gaining so much sugar that before the cold wine do not have time to ferment to dryness. In winter "sleep" yeast, and if not virtuous wine with residual sugar is stored in the cold, clean and quiet, the wine until spring can be happy to drink. However, it was supposed to drink until the return of warmer days: rustic sweet wines the good old days were not treated with sulfur dioxide, so they are unstable and tend to be spoiled. Visit Hvanchkara plant, wine tasting. Return to Ambralauri.

6th day - Breakfast. Departure to them. Wine tasting of the original high-end series - Hvanchkara and Usahelauri (Untitled). Moving to Batumi.

8th day - Breakfast. Excursion in Gonio Fortress (I century BC), to the waterfalls MINING AJARIA and arched bridges of XI century the time of Queen Tamar. Wine tasting in the wine house of Adjara. Visit the private wine sector. Return to Batumi. Overnight.

9-10day Breakfast. Free time in Batumi.

11th day Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel

Transfer to the airport of Tbilisi. Departure.

 Price on request

  Georgian hospitality
  Accommodation in standard rooms
  Transfers in comfortable transport
  Excursions with English speaking guide
  Entrance fees to museums and historical complexes
  Wine degustation in Tbilisi, Kakheti, Batumi.
  Previously, check in to hotel / late check-out
  Optional excursions
  Meals other than breakfast


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